Browse foreign films - risky for people who do not speak perfectly the language of the original. From translator’s skill depends on the perception of the dialogues that form the storylines.
Scoring films is carried out in several ways:

  1. Duplication (dubbing)
  2. Voice-Over (another term - scoring "on top» - «voice-over»)
  3. Subtitles

"The advanced viewers' tend to watch movies with original audio track, subtitles escorted. But this method requires a strong involvement in the view and cannot completely relax.
Dubbed translation, on the other hand, is designed for full immersion into the picture without any additional effort on the part of the viewer. However, dubbing requires high skill of translators and actors voicing the role. The downside is the lack of dubbing the original audio track - viewers are deprived of the opportunity to hear the real voices of the movie characters.
Fans of the original votes are more willing to watch movies with voice-over translation. Scoring is carried out so that the translation was heard over the foreign language. Thus, the film retains its identity and becomes accessible to the ordinary viewer.
Our Company Positive film provides translation and voice advertising, training, and other types of videos. Available dubbing or implementation of the transfer in the form of subtitles on request.


Positive Film Company  offer the professional dubbing service for Arabic,Russian,Ukrainian





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