Production Services

To create a quality product is not enough to develop the concept. The result depends not only on competent directors. It is necessary to take into account such factors impact on the product, professionalism and consistency of technical and cast.
In addition to the director's and the operator's part, not the last role played by location and casting management, as well as stylists and makeup artists - people are working, which is invisible and is an important component of the quality of the released product. This invisible people that work harmoniously as a mechanical watch. Generally, if you pay attention to their work, then something actually went wrong.
Covering a wide range of constantly developing services Positive Film adheres to honesty and integrity in their approach, regardless of budget size and importance of the project. We realize that for every customer project is always more important than his preferences or studio ambitions.

What's in the company services/support?

Production Planning
we assist with production planning, budgeting and scheduling. We will read your script and advice on the most time and cost effective ways to shoot in Kiev and in the Ukraine.

Location Scouting
Our experienced scouts can find any location to match your requirements.

We can assist with permits of all kinds, we know what is needed and how to get it.

we will help you set up your production base, or your office away from home, and provide you with everything necessary for a successful shoot.

we know the best crews and will find the right people for your project.

We can organize casting sessions, and put you in touch with well-connected principal and extras casting directors.
Equipment Rentals
we have excellent relationships with all the main rental houses and can help to fulfill your rental needs at advantageous conditions.

Sound Stages / Studio Rentals
we liaise with sound stage and studio rentals, and advise you on your best choices.

Production Office Rentals
we source and rent production office space, from single offices to space for large production crews.

we know the best caterers and will make sure your crew won’t have to work on an empty stomach.

Travel and Transport
We help with travel and transport arrangements, and can advise you on the most cost effective deals.

we assist with short or long term accommodation, from hotel rooms to apartment rentals and beyond.

SFX / Consultants
we will find SFX and other specialized consultants for your shoot, as may be needed.

we provide production and support services during your shoot, and offer full-service line-producing and co-production services.

we set up and support post-production, from assembly editing during the shoot to full-scale picture and sound post.

Mobile Editing
we can provide mobile editing solutions for your shoot, for editing on location, in your office, or in your hotel room or home- whatever your preference.

Labs and Transfers
We liaise with labs and post facilities to make sure you get the right service, at the right price. We organize all the transfers needed, and can supervise film and media handling, shipping and storage after you might have already left for your next location.

Tax Credits / Financial Incentives

New York City and State, as well as many other locations throughout the US offer attractive tax credits and other financial incentives. We can advise on the best way for your project to benefit, and help calculate a detailed budget. We can advise on how to cash-flow these incentives, to ensure they can become part of your up-front financing wherever possible.

Accounting and Legal
For bigger projects, it can be beneficial to rely on the expertise of local accounting and legal experts. We can make recommendations and put you in touch with trusted sources.

We will help to arrange the right coverage, to ensure your project conforms with all insurance requirements.

Storage and Shipping
We can arrange long and short term storage, and assist you with all your shipping needs.



  • Development ideas
  • Writing literary and directorial script
  • Casting actors
  • Creating a style
  • Filming
  • Postproduction



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