It is widely believed that the advertising clips are only for the rich companies, which is not true in fact.
An advertising clip is a very effective advertising tool, that’s why it is always important to determine who the recipient is and where the clip would be displayed. Would it be displayed on central TV? Cable televisions? Through internet? On big display screens in commercial centers? In public transportations? On advertising screens in the streets?
The duration of the advertisement starts from 5 seconds up to few minutes depending on the previous factors.
How much would it cost to produce an advertising clip?
That depends on the following:
  • Using big sites for filming (Filming from an airoplane for example or using technical tricks)
  • Using digital graphics and how complicated they are
  • Is there a need to contract with famous actors and celebrities?
Levels of producing advertising clip:
  • The concerned party should advance a request to us
  • Based on this request we make an approximate evaluation of the production cost
  • We agree on the scenario with the concerned party
  • Based on the agreed scenario we calculate the production costs and the time plan of the work.




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