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    It is widely believed that the advertising clips are only for the rich companies, which is not true in fact.
    An advertising clip is a very effective advertising tool, that’s why it is always important to determine who the recipient is and where the clip would be displayed. Would it be displayed on central TV? Cable televisions? Through internet? On big display screens in commercial centers? In public transportations? On advertising screens in the streets?
    The duration of the advertisement starts from 5 seconds up to few minutes depending on the previous factors.
    How much would it cost to produce an advertising clip?
    That depends on the following:
    • Using big sites for filming (Filming from an airoplane for example or using technical tricks)
    • Using digital graphics and how complicated they are
    • Is there a need to contract with famous actors and celebrities?
    Levels of producing advertising clip:
    • The concerned party should advance a request to us
    • Based on this request we make an approximate evaluation of the production cost
    • We agree on the scenario with the concerned party
    • Based on the agreed scenario we calculate the production costs and the time plan of the work.





    Every work, even the most successful ones need continuous improvement, new ideas, and extra funding. If you’re keen enough on the reputation of your company you should give your attention to your customers and financiers, and not to skimp on producing a profile video for your company.
    A good company profile video helps you to advertise to your company and its prospects of development in an attractive way. It would also focus on the extraordinary successes of your work team.
    The profile video is a very effective tool in competing with the other companies.
    It is preferable for the company profile video to be accompanied with crucial dates and stories like the anniversary of your company, and like when signing an important deal, or before starting a big project. That would give you the opportunity to make conclusions after the hard work, in order to honor the diligent ones and give a good example for the beginners. That would also give a good impression to your financiers and would attract new financiers, partners and customers.
    The core strength of the profile video lies not in being a long and expensive advertising video, but in a lovely review of the members of the work team and what the company does in general, and for the new ideas, products, and offers.
    A profile video compared with the boring and repeated advertisements is a speech from the heart which encourages hard working, cooperation, and success.
    A good profile video is not limited to strengthening the relationship with the customers, but exceeds that to the deepening of good relations among the members of the work team itself.
    Honesty in presenting the tendencies of the company, its aims, and its operating system is one of the most important factors to make a successful profile video for any company. That’s why it is important during the film production to depend on the whole staff including the normal workers not only the chiefs of the departments, because normal workers usually know the specific details inside the company.
    Our experience in producing profile videos qualifies us to produce a unique film every time.
    A profile video is like an identification card for your company, which means that this video must be of high quality and strongly influential.
    Depending on creative ideas and the assistance of filming solutions and cinematography skills, even the small cooperation’s would get a big reputation, while for the big companies which are strongly present in the market the profile video counts as an indispensable tool of dealing with the media, and during galleries, and business forums.
    The average duration of a profile video is from 5-20 minutes which would be an appropriate time for the audience to get a good idea of the company and without feeling bored.
    Producing any profile video would need within 15-30 days.

    How much would it cost to produce a profile video?

    • This would depend on the following:
    • How many filming days?
    • How many filming locations and how far they are?
    • Graphics being used 
    • Technical devices being used





    Every day the emergency care hospital receives hundreds of new patients. Each one has a clinical record with conflicts and problems behind it. Sometimes it is impossible to diagnose and prescribe treatment without revealing this information. The doctors become not just witnesses but hostages to the dramas and secrets of their patients; they help them to recover and make vital decisions.
    Our characters are four doctors of an emergency care hospital. Each one has their own story about choosing medicine for career; all of them use different methods of treatment. One is totally committed to the hospital; another manages to achieve some kind of work-life balance.
    These four are no superheroes, but instead they are people who are on call 24/7 to save the lives of others.

    • Director: Alexander Onufriyev, Konstantin Denesyuk, Sergey Sotnichenko
    • Producer: Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva, Yulia Mishchenko, Ella Boblenyuk, Elena Kanishevskaya
    • Director of photography: Dmitry Oksamytny
    • Cast:  Mikhail Zhonin, Ruslan Sokolnik, Irina Tkalenko, Nadezhda Levchenko



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    Audience were always interested in watching documentaries.
    Practically, all of the big TV channels produce this type of movies and series.
    Producing documentary movies has always been a creative process which needs a lot of work and effort during preparation, filming, and montage. In many cases producing documentaries also needs the services of specialized experts whom it is not always easy to find and employ.
    Besides that, and in some cases, some small details may distract the attention of the work group from the main aim, which could badly influence the quality of the production.
    Our company enjoys a big and considerable experience in producing documentary movies, which –and beside having all the required technical means- makes us fully qualified to produce interesting documentaries featuring benefit and entertainment.




    “Positive Film” company for technical production enjoys the sufficient experience in film production beside having the qualified partners, and strong enough relations with the distribution companies in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Europe.

    “Positive Film” suggests you discuss special financing conditions for each of our projects to reach the best possible formula for cooperation.

    The control of funds employed in the projects is as follows:

    As a first step for the launch of the mutual work, our company opens a special bank account for the project agreed. All the funds spent on the project, and all profits earned from the project are exclusively through this account based on the financial contribution agreement concuded, Where the sources of income are as follows:


    • The profits earned from showing the film in cinema halls
    • Profits earned from the sales of CDs
    • Profits of the paid views of the film on Internet and TV Cable networks
    • Another profits through selling copyrights and distribution rights





    Browse foreign films - risky for people who do not speak perfectly the language of the original. From translator’s skill depends on the perception of the dialogues that form the storylines.
    Scoring films is carried out in several ways:

    1. Duplication (dubbing)
    2. Voice-Over (another term - scoring "on top» - «voice-over»)
    3. Subtitles

    "The advanced viewers' tend to watch movies with original audio track, subtitles escorted. But this method requires a strong involvement in the view and cannot completely relax.
    Dubbed translation, on the other hand, is designed for full immersion into the picture without any additional effort on the part of the viewer. However, dubbing requires high skill of translators and actors voicing the role. The downside is the lack of dubbing the original audio track - viewers are deprived of the opportunity to hear the real voices of the movie characters.
    Fans of the original votes are more willing to watch movies with voice-over translation. Scoring is carried out so that the translation was heard over the foreign language. Thus, the film retains its identity and becomes accessible to the ordinary viewer.
    Our Company Positive film provides translation and voice advertising, training, and other types of videos. Available dubbing or implementation of the transfer in the form of subtitles on request.


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    We give you the support and help you need to make your event a success. We’ll be there for you from the concept stage right through to the realization with professional guidance, knowledge and a solid network of contacts.
    What we offer you is experienced, highly informed, accessible help and advice – free of charge. It’s our way of making sure your ideas will come alive like never before. Let us help you plan for your next upcoming event in Kiev!
    They are committed to providing the best quality service in the most cost effective manner without compromising the company’s ideals and integrity.
    We offer:

    • Advice and consultation.
    • Help to develop professional applications and presentations.
    • Contact with various departments, companies and administrators within the City of Kiev.
    • A network of competent partners who will assist you with your event – arenas, accommodation, transport and marketing etc.


    Projects We're Proud of

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  • Musical Clips

    Your musical creativity, and besides our attention to each scene and every single shot together produce a high quality video clip, and within the context of your financial capability




  • Production Services

    To create a quality product is not enough to develop the concept. The result depends not only on competent directors. It is necessary to take into account such factors impact on the product, professionalism and consistency of technical and cast.
    In addition to the director's and the operator's part, not the last role played by location and casting management, as well as stylists and makeup artists - people are working, which is invisible and is an important component of the quality of the released product. This invisible people that work harmoniously as a mechanical watch. Generally, if you pay attention to their work, then something actually went wrong.
    Covering a wide range of constantly developing services Positive Film adheres to honesty and integrity in their approach, regardless of budget size and importance of the project. We realize that for every customer project is always more important than his preferences or studio ambitions.

    What's in the company services/support?

    Production Planning
    we assist with production planning, budgeting and scheduling. We will read your script and advice on the most time and cost effective ways to shoot in Kiev and in the Ukraine.

    Location Scouting
    Our experienced scouts can find any location to match your requirements.

    We can assist with permits of all kinds, we know what is needed and how to get it.

    we will help you set up your production base, or your office away from home, and provide you with everything necessary for a successful shoot.

    we know the best crews and will find the right people for your project.

    We can organize casting sessions, and put you in touch with well-connected principal and extras casting directors.
    Equipment Rentals
    we have excellent relationships with all the main rental houses and can help to fulfill your rental needs at advantageous conditions.

    Sound Stages / Studio Rentals
    we liaise with sound stage and studio rentals, and advise you on your best choices.

    Production Office Rentals
    we source and rent production office space, from single offices to space for large production crews.

    we know the best caterers and will make sure your crew won’t have to work on an empty stomach.

    Travel and Transport
    We help with travel and transport arrangements, and can advise you on the most cost effective deals.

    we assist with short or long term accommodation, from hotel rooms to apartment rentals and beyond.

    SFX / Consultants
    we will find SFX and other specialized consultants for your shoot, as may be needed.

    we provide production and support services during your shoot, and offer full-service line-producing and co-production services.

    we set up and support post-production, from assembly editing during the shoot to full-scale picture and sound post.

    Mobile Editing
    we can provide mobile editing solutions for your shoot, for editing on location, in your office, or in your hotel room or home- whatever your preference.

    Labs and Transfers
    We liaise with labs and post facilities to make sure you get the right service, at the right price. We organize all the transfers needed, and can supervise film and media handling, shipping and storage after you might have already left for your next location.

    Tax Credits / Financial Incentives

    New York City and State, as well as many other locations throughout the US offer attractive tax credits and other financial incentives. We can advise on the best way for your project to benefit, and help calculate a detailed budget. We can advise on how to cash-flow these incentives, to ensure they can become part of your up-front financing wherever possible.

    Accounting and Legal
    For bigger projects, it can be beneficial to rely on the expertise of local accounting and legal experts. We can make recommendations and put you in touch with trusted sources.

    We will help to arrange the right coverage, to ensure your project conforms with all insurance requirements.

    Storage and Shipping
    We can arrange long and short term storage, and assist you with all your shipping needs.



    • Development ideas
    • Writing literary and directorial script
    • Casting actors
    • Creating a style
    • Filming
    • Postproduction




    The “Positive film studio” rental is a flexible Kiev area video production studio
    Our 56 sqm professional photo-video studios configured with Ultimate hardware offering the highest quality key. Utilising a dedicated background camera to take in our famous live view as a background, or anything else you so wish played in.
    In “studio Positive Film” we offer cutting edge production equipment and a talented and experienced team, including videographers, writers, commercial producers, and editors. We can provide facilities with or without crew — we’ll ensure your shoot goes smoothly and make you feel right at home!
    The studio is located in a separate room, where none of the administration will disturb!
    If you are looking for an affordable video studio in Kiev, look no further than our state-of-the-art facilities to meet all of your needs.
    From Kiev, Ukraine or beyond, if you're planning a film studio shoot or a video production in the Kiev, talk to us. If we can't help you, we'll let you know who can.
    Our video studio & green screen rentals include dressing room, kitchen, wireless Internet, conference room, and lots of free parking.
    Don't wait to call and schedule your video session - the studio is filling up fast!
    Call for a friendly discussion about your needs - +38 063 608 80 53


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    For more information
    Click here to visit site of “studio positive film“

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    H.265 in Smart-Telecaster ZAO
    Smart-Telecaster ZAO is the world's first H.265 mobile hardware based encoder. According to users; "it is more stable, more reliable and more effective than software based encoders."
    Combination of ZAO's hardware based H.265 codec technology and our own proprietary protocol RASCOW provides highly optimized video/audio transmission even at challenging conditions such as transmission while driving, fluctuating network conditions, congested areas etc.
    "Positive film" is the Official distributor
    To Russian language speakers, you can visit Smart-telecaster ZAO website for more information also you can contact us for any question and buying request or testing  

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    TV programs - it is a separate line of the modern TV industry and is the most popular genre, forming the basis of the broadcasting schedule of the central and regional channels. Several basic types can be distinguished from all variety of TV: entertainment, news, educational, sports, children, talk shows and interviews. For the production of television programs of any of these species attracted a team of writers, directors, cameramen, make-up artists, editors and activated a huge arsenal of technical means. Positive Film Company has all the features for shooting TV shows on any topic.
    Our company can provide qualified professionals: directors, cameramen, editors, journalists, sound engineers, lighting designers, lighting, video engineers, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers and others.
    Among the programs are regularly broadcast on the TV, there are leaders of television ratings. These certainly include talk shows, in the shooting at our studio which has a great experience. The next most popular entertainment programs are very different formats.
    Production of television entertainment plan - a very difficult job, because they must be present humor, music, game elements and special effects, not to mention the participation of the leading and experienced actors. Often shooting of TV programs is carried out not in the studio, and on specially prepared sites and at different events.
    Production of TV programs on the theme of sports and children's television programs aimed at a narrow audience, but also has its own canons. There are also educational and informative television programs, as well as a format such as a television interview. Regardless, the production of TV programs of the genre you want, you can contact Positive Film Company.

    We offer production of television programs:

    • Reality and talk shows
    • Entertainment
    • News
    • Sports
    • Children
    • Educational and informative.
    • Others


    Let’s discuss your Ideas

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    Sometimes a picture cannot convey what you see. A virtual tour creates the effect of full presence, the viewer can staying at home to assess your interior. This is a great way to attract new customers.
    Virtual tour - a realistic way to display three-dimensional multi-element screen space. Virtual tours consist of several panoramas, combined transitions.
    Our designer can implement a virtual tour is not only the logo, but also completely arrange the tour according to the corporate identity of your company.
    Through registration tour in the corporate style of the company, it will be harmonious


    Visit Our Site for Virtual Tour 

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    Our specialization is the projects that combine beautiful and elegant interactive site design with intelligent technology and the strategic digital business solutions. We understand that having a great website, a print piece, or even a beautiful logo is just not enough. You need results. We are a results-focused and results-driven company. Our team of experts has a wide range of experience, and an understanding of the finer nuances of all aspects of web development. Web development, email campaigns, social media, SEO/SEM, media placement and other online marketing strategies are our focus. Our highly integrated team of professionals use the latest and most reliable technologies for making your dream web page come true.
    We provide complete web related services, from designing to marketing your website. We develop customized solutions, from simple websites to complex E-commerce solutions. So if you're looking for a great looking ecommerce site and a team that can follow through by bringing visitors and orders, you've found the right firm. Take a look at our portfolio to see what we've done for great customers like you. Give us a call, fill out our quote form, or just browse around our site.



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