TV programs - it is a separate line of the modern TV industry and is the most popular genre, forming the basis of the broadcasting schedule of the central and regional channels. Several basic types can be distinguished from all variety of TV: entertainment, news, educational, sports, children, talk shows and interviews. For the production of television programs of any of these species attracted a team of writers, directors, cameramen, make-up artists, editors and activated a huge arsenal of technical means. Positive Film Company has all the features for shooting TV shows on any topic.
Our company can provide qualified professionals: directors, cameramen, editors, journalists, sound engineers, lighting designers, lighting, video engineers, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers and others.
Among the programs are regularly broadcast on the TV, there are leaders of television ratings. These certainly include talk shows, in the shooting at our studio which has a great experience. The next most popular entertainment programs are very different formats.
Production of television entertainment plan - a very difficult job, because they must be present humor, music, game elements and special effects, not to mention the participation of the leading and experienced actors. Often shooting of TV programs is carried out not in the studio, and on specially prepared sites and at different events.
Production of TV programs on the theme of sports and children's television programs aimed at a narrow audience, but also has its own canons. There are also educational and informative television programs, as well as a format such as a television interview. Regardless, the production of TV programs of the genre you want, you can contact Positive Film Company.

We offer production of television programs:

  • Reality and talk shows
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Sports
  • Children
  • Educational and informative.
  • Others


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