Every work, even the most successful ones need continuous improvement, new ideas, and extra funding. If you’re keen enough on the reputation of your company you should give your attention to your customers and financiers, and not to skimp on producing a profile video for your company.
A good company profile video helps you to advertise to your company and its prospects of development in an attractive way. It would also focus on the extraordinary successes of your work team.
The profile video is a very effective tool in competing with the other companies.
It is preferable for the company profile video to be accompanied with crucial dates and stories like the anniversary of your company, and like when signing an important deal, or before starting a big project. That would give you the opportunity to make conclusions after the hard work, in order to honor the diligent ones and give a good example for the beginners. That would also give a good impression to your financiers and would attract new financiers, partners and customers.
The core strength of the profile video lies not in being a long and expensive advertising video, but in a lovely review of the members of the work team and what the company does in general, and for the new ideas, products, and offers.
A profile video compared with the boring and repeated advertisements is a speech from the heart which encourages hard working, cooperation, and success.
A good profile video is not limited to strengthening the relationship with the customers, but exceeds that to the deepening of good relations among the members of the work team itself.
Honesty in presenting the tendencies of the company, its aims, and its operating system is one of the most important factors to make a successful profile video for any company. That’s why it is important during the film production to depend on the whole staff including the normal workers not only the chiefs of the departments, because normal workers usually know the specific details inside the company.
Our experience in producing profile videos qualifies us to produce a unique film every time.
A profile video is like an identification card for your company, which means that this video must be of high quality and strongly influential.
Depending on creative ideas and the assistance of filming solutions and cinematography skills, even the small cooperation’s would get a big reputation, while for the big companies which are strongly present in the market the profile video counts as an indispensable tool of dealing with the media, and during galleries, and business forums.
The average duration of a profile video is from 5-20 minutes which would be an appropriate time for the audience to get a good idea of the company and without feeling bored.
Producing any profile video would need within 15-30 days.

How much would it cost to produce a profile video?

  • This would depend on the following:
  • How many filming days?
  • How many filming locations and how far they are?
  • Graphics being used 
  • Technical devices being used




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