“Positive Film” company for technical production enjoys the sufficient experience in film production beside having the qualified partners, and strong enough relations with the distribution companies in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Europe.

“Positive Film” suggests you discuss special financing conditions for each of our projects to reach the best possible formula for cooperation.

The control of funds employed in the projects is as follows:

As a first step for the launch of the mutual work, our company opens a special bank account for the project agreed. All the funds spent on the project, and all profits earned from the project are exclusively through this account based on the financial contribution agreement concuded, Where the sources of income are as follows:


  • The profits earned from showing the film in cinema halls
  • Profits earned from the sales of CDs
  • Profits of the paid views of the film on Internet and TV Cable networks
  • Another profits through selling copyrights and distribution rights




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