Every day the emergency care hospital receives hundreds of new patients. Each one has a clinical record with conflicts and problems behind it. Sometimes it is impossible to diagnose and prescribe treatment without revealing this information. The doctors become not just witnesses but hostages to the dramas and secrets of their patients; they help them to recover and make vital decisions.
    Our characters are four doctors of an emergency care hospital. Each one has their own story about choosing medicine for career; all of them use different methods of treatment. One is totally committed to the hospital; another manages to achieve some kind of work-life balance.
    These four are no superheroes, but instead they are people who are on call 24/7 to save the lives of others.

    • Director: Alexander Onufriyev, Konstantin Denesyuk, Sergey Sotnichenko
    • Producer: Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva, Yulia Mishchenko, Ella Boblenyuk, Elena Kanishevskaya
    • Director of photography: Dmitry Oksamytny
    • Cast:  Mikhail Zhonin, Ruslan Sokolnik, Irina Tkalenko, Nadezhda Levchenko



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