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 لأول مرة في لبنان 

Smart-Telecaster ZAO

أول جهاز في العالم للبث المباشر يعمل بترميز H.265

Company 'Positive Film' , together with the Foundation " Omriyana krayina" and " Sertse myru" AT 23rd August organized a childish competition-festival "Wonderland Ukraine through the eyes of children." The day began with the awarding the 30 children from first lady of Ukraine - Marina Poroshenko. And under the direction of world-renowned artist Jamal Badwan our young talents went to work - painted the largest children's picture in Ukraine.

The 2016 presentation Smart-telecaster ZAO by Positive Film Company (held in place of XXІІ Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair in conference hall of Restaurant Sham at Address “Peremohy avenue 40 - Kyiv, Ukraine ”) included talks on numerous topics about smart-telecaster-ZAO and had several side events. .

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